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How To Quit Snoring 

Zyppah rx, Solution To Your Snoring Problem

Medically and logically, before treating any disease or disorder it is important that you get to understand what causes it. In this case before we get to know how zyppah rx works in curing snoring, lets tackle the causes of snoring.

What causes snoring?

There is no definite cause of snoring and this has led to there being several misconceptions regarding its root cause. Many believe that it is caused by the nose. This conception is completely misleading, because this would then mean that people are likely to snore during the day. Both medical and dentist communities accept that it occurs only during sleep.

Snoring is caused by various factors like alcohol consumption, sinuses and mouth anatomy, your weight, cold and allergies. These factors may put you into a deep sleep resulting to your tongue, roof of mouth muscles and tongue to relax enough to partially block the airway and causing vibration. The narrower your airway, the more forceful the flow of air becomes resulting to increased vibration and your snore grows louder.

How does zyppah rx help stop snoring?

This appliance is FDA- cleared, boil-and-bite, self-moulded, safe, easy to use and efficient. It combines two solutions giving it more advantage over other appliances in addressing your snoring problem that use only one solution.

Solution 1
Zyppah rx uses repositioning of the mandibles (slightly advancing the lower jaw forward) to open the airway partially. By moving the lower jaw slightly forward from its usual positioning during sleep, it reduces snoring sound by improving the airflow. Care should be taken as to how far to advance your lower jaw; there is a set limit to that.

Solution 2
During the second solution, zyppah rx makes use of patent pending elastic that holds and stabilizes your tongue, preventing it from falling back to the throat and partially blocking the airway when it relaxes during sleep, therefore opening the airway further. Zyppah rx patent pending elastic ensures that your tongue is stabilized without inflicting gag reflex.

Zyppah rx treatment is considered very effective snoring solution because of its combination of the two solution. Snoring grows louder when sleeping on your back because, tongue being the root cause of snoring, will fall back due to gravity blocking the airway making your snoring louder.

How zyppah rx differs from other anti-snoring oral devices

As mentioned earlier it offers two solutions to help you eliminate your snoring, compared to other appliances that only offer one approach or solution. Other anti-snoring oral appliances are different from zyppah rx in that they do not use revolutionary advancement in treating the condition. This means that unlike other appliances, zyppah rx goes after the tongue (primary cause of you snoring) directly, offering tongue retaining element that prevents fall back of the tongue to the airway while sleeping therefore reducing snoring.

Like any other oral anti-snoring appliance, it offer Mandibular Repositioning feature. The difference is that zyppah rx Mandibular repositioning component move the lower jaw forward therefore helping in breathing and at the same time reducing snoring.

Unlike other appliances, zyppah rx, through its two solution approach preventing snoring by keeping the airway open. Its patent impending elastic and mandibles repositioning or advancement combined effect prevent the falling back of the tongue into the airway thus doubling your chances of reducing your snoring.

                                             Persons allowed to use zyppah rx

One people above the age of majority (18) and willing to reduce their snoring incidences are allowed. Though under professional appliance, it can also be used by people with obstructive sleep apnea. In all these occasions it should be delivered by a licensed or authorized physician or dentist.